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Eleanora Morrison - The Ellie
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The Ellie Pinstripe Suit

Our premium series white pinstripe gabardine fabric is a high quality blend of wool and viscose. Gabardine is a tightly woven fabric for tough and durable clothing. This high performance wool blend will resist wrinkles, wear comfortably, and be your go-to suit for all occasions.  

"I've named my suit my childhood nickname to always remind me where I'm from."


Premium Series

Wool Viscose Blend

260 grams

Imported from Italy

Jacket: $570

Pants: $280

Dress Shirt: $160

Eleanor Morrison white pinstripe custom
Eleanora Morrison CEO SHE Media magazine

"When I was two years old, my dad would stand me up on a high surface and encourage me to jump to him. He would say, 'C'mon Ellie, jump!Jump!'"

Eleanora Morrison made to measure custom

"That was really me taking my first leap and becoming brave, and my dad teaching me how to take a bit of a risk, to trust others, and to trust my own instincts and be confident in my own decisions." 

Eleanora Morrison womens custom white pi

"When I look down at the inside of my jacket, it's a reminder that I've always been able to do it, it's always been in me, and to just jump!"

Eleanora Morrison white pinstripe custom

"Always lean into who you are; that's what I would tell my younger self." 

Eleanora Morrison San Antonio CEO SHE Me

"Don't be afraid to be truly creative. Your success and your path is going to look different than the molds you're supposed to fit in."

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