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A Common Thread

Eleanora Morrison white pinstripe custom

Our Fall/Winter 2018 campaign is about inspiring women and the legacy of their influence. 

A Common Thread
girl power suit custom womenswear.jpg

"I think that my mom was the first role model that I ever saw of what a strong and courageous woman looked like."

The women being featured in our latest campaign are accomplished and inspiring, but the deeper story is about the women that supported them in their journey. 


Each suit and jacket is named in honor of these women who left their mark and legacy on the people they cared about the most.

Eleanora Morrison CEO SHE Media magazine

"Now, as an adult myself, you realize the beauty of the imprint that left on all of us as their legacy." 

Katie Harvey purple custom suit san anto

"She really has made me appreciate being a mother, being a wife, being a friend, and enjoying everyday that I have."

"My mom is probably one of the kindest people you will ever meet. It's funny because you don't really realize that until you get a little bit older."

women's custom suit san antonio made to
Custom womens suit san antonio made to m

"She would take us traveling, and really showed us what and who both my sister and I could become,"

womens minimalist black pantsuit custom

"Because of what she's done for me, I have made it one of my personal missions to be a mentor to women who are on the path to making their own mark."  

Sara Neel CEO One Advocate Group custom

"When I left, I felt so full, so inspired by just a glimplse of what she was."

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