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The Ceramicist

Every piece has a story.

We design every suit with elements inspired by each person and their craft.

SARAH SAUER Guten Co. forest green made

Sarah Sauer,

Guten Co.

Clothing details:

Forest green suit: $650

Cream button highlight

Diagonal cut jacket

Pick stitching


Forest green jumpsuit

Terracotta lining

Forest Green Woman's Custom Suit Wide Le
Sarah Sauer Guten Co. ceramics.jpg
Sarah Sauer Guten Co. Limatus Bespoke Co

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Sarah Sauer Guten Co. Terracotta Ceramic
Sarah Sauer Guten Co. + Limatus Bespoke
Guten Co. x Limatus Bepoke Ceramics Coll

Sarah is the owner and maker at Guten Co., a design-forward workshop that produces high quality ceramic and letterpress goods. Sarah's distinctive designs play off natural elements that push the boundaries of traditional ceramics while maintaining functionality. Her handcrafted minimalist pieces can be found in modern stores all over the United States and in specialty shops like Temple of Offering, Hotel Emma, and Hotel Havana.

Guten Co. + Limatus Bespoke custom ceram

Limited edition items:

Limatus Earrings, Terra Cotta - $72

Limatus Lapel Pin - $38

Limatus Earrings, Matte Black - $72

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Guten Co. + Limatus Bespoke custom ceram

Limited edition items:

Limatus Copita, Terra Cotta - $28

Limatus Copita, Matte Black - $28

Limatus Tumbler - $40

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NANCY PINA Limatus Bespoke made-to-measu

The Tailor

Nancy Piña

RICHARD TOBIN Hilmy Limatus Bespoke cust

The Art Director

Richard Tobin

Paul Martin Art San Antonio custom suit.

The Conceptualist

Paul Martin

PHILLIP KIMM WestEast Armory custom blue
PRISCILLA MARTINEZ Joyarte custom short

The Metalsmith

Priscilla Martinez

ALEXANDER HILMY Limatus Bespoke custom v

The Strategist

Alexander Hilmy

DEREK X. AGUILAR X-Managed burgundy mens

The Woodworker

Derek X. Aguilar

The Leatherworker

Phillip Kimm

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