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Dr.  Erika Gonzalez - Oropeza
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Oropeza White Tuxedo

Our signature collection of cotton fabrics offers a variety of colors to help lay the foundation for your personal wardrobe. Cotton is a great choice for a stylish sport coat, some chinos, or a full cotton suit or tuxedo.

"Oropeza is named after my mother, that's her maiden name."


Premium Series

100% Cotton

300 grams

Imported from Italy

Jacket: $435

Skirt: $215

Dress Shirt: $160

Dr. Erika Gonzalez womens custom white t

"From very early on, my mom has always said, 'If you put the work in and you believe in yourself, there's really nothing you can't accomplish.'"

Dr. Erika Gonzales Reyes CEO Womens whit

"I had a brother a year older than me who was born with Down Syndrome and a congenital heart problem. She dedicated her whole life to taking care of him and not once did I ever hear her or my father complain of anything."

women's custom suit san antonio made to

"My mom is probably one of the kindest people you will ever meet. It's funny because you don't really realize that until you get a little bit older."

Erika Gonzalez STAAMP CEO custom white t
womens custom tuxedo white satin pinstri

"She came over to this country not knowing one word of English, and she taught it to herself. I remember her telling us stories about how difficult it was to be in a country where your voice was not recognized because it wasn't understood, so she always found a way to make her voice heard. That's one of the things I've always admired about my mom."

"I think that my mom was the first role model that I ever saw of what a strong and courageous woman looked like."

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