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Jenna Saucedo Herrera - Madrina
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Madrina Olive Green Suit

Holland & Sherry is a fabric mill founded in London in 1836. Holland & Sherry has specialized in the finest textiles for the apparel industry. Ranging from sumptuous wools and silks to rugged Scottish tweeds, the collection became the benchmark for quality and craft in the nineteenth century.

"My suit is inspired by my Madrina, my Godmother, Ellie Saucedo."


Holland & Sherry Fabric

98% Wool, 2% Lycra

240 grams

Imported from the UK

Jacket: $1,005

Pants: $495

Flower Shirt: $200

Jenna Saucedo Herrera CEO San Antonio ec
Jenna Saucedo Herrera San Antonio EDF CE

"My aunt Ellie really showed me perspective; she showed me the world and opened my eyes to so much opportunity outside of San Antonio,"

"She would take us traveling, and really showed us what and who both my sister and I could become,"

San Antonio Economic Development Foundat
Jenna Saucedo Herrera San Antonio EDF cu

"Aunt Ellie taught me that I could be anyione that I wanted to be and do anything that I wanted to do. To this day, I don't think there's one thing she thinks I can't do, and that has inspired me to be who I am today."

Custom womens suit san antonio made to m

"With every job I've had the opportunity to have, even large speaking engagements, somtimes I find her hidden in the back of the audience. She's always there to cheer me on."

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