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Sara Neel - Lita
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Lita Pinstripe Suit

Our Cavani fabric is made of 100% worsted wool. Its medium weight offers comfortable year round wear and resistance to wrinkles.   

"My abuelita was quiet in her strength, and without telling me how to be strong, she just showed me how to be strong."


Premium Series

100% Wool

265 grams

Imported from Italy

Jacket: $800

Pants: $330

Vest: $250

Sara Neel CEO One Advocate Group womens

"She came from Mississippi, and they were all workers in the field. After she got her nursing degree, she went straight into serving the wounded war heroes."

Sara Neel CEO One Advocate Group womens

"We would sit around this old wooden table, and she would share stories of struggles that she had when she was a young woman. She wouldn't tell me what to do, but she shared knowledge of how she handled her own situations and how she overcame those."

Sara Neel pinstripe custom womens suit p
women's custom pinstripe overcoat street

"On the table, she would always fold her napkins. She would fold them as she was telling a story and then unfold them, and then fold was almost therapeutic for her. She wanted to pass down some of that knowledge to me."

"When I left, I felt so full, so inspired by just a glimplse of what she was."

Sara Neel CEO One Advocate Group custom

"On my table, there's the same cloth napkins. I still fold napkins like her today."

Eleanora Morrison Sara Neel custom women

"I hear her in my mind: There's nothing better than a girl getting her education." So I decided to get my Masters."

One Advocate Group san antonio custom wo

"It's certainly not an easy task, getting your masters when you've still got young ones and you're managing a household and a job, and that same voice of reason saying, 'You can do this, there's no reason why this is something you should quit. Keep going.'" 

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